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What happens if you charge for a salon consultation?

Tips from Ann Marie Walts

Blogging & Podcasting

If you need some inspiration, and motivation with a dash of humor, then you will enjoy my eccletic ideas & skillsets.

Business Consulting

I will help your salon/spa or local business strategize to attract new clients, nuture customer relationships, and automate the follow up.

Makeovers & Photography

I have a combined 31 years as a High-End Hairstylist & Photographer. I specialize in private 1 to 1 "All-Inclusive" hair Extension Makeovers.


Never believe what you have been told...if it does not fuel your dreams, desires and passion!

P.S. If you were told never be a hairstylist, then hang on for the ride!

“When I was only 8 years old, I saw a woman’s hair braided into a hat..with her own hair, and that was inside a hairstyle book, while I was in the waiting area of a salon. 

That moment would shape the rest of my life, and despite ALL OF THE ODDS…I follow my DREAM, and made a CAREER that now has me teaching others ….the “how to” follow and BUILD THEIR own HIGH-TICKET DREAM Salon Packages!

The best movies are the ones that have a TWIST…and I can GARUANTEE 1000% that I will ROCK YOUR WORLD as your COACH, MENTOR and Beauty MARKETING consultant. 

If you want to be coddled…I’m am DEFINITELY NOT, and I repeat NOT the coach for you, but if you want to learn how make thousands for just ONE Appointment, then LET’S GO!

I have already done the hard work for you…it only took me 30 years!”

“There's a 100" chance of getting a YES...50% of the time, but only if you ASK!

You are only 1 idea from changing your life!


Ann Marie Walts

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

If you are HAIRSTYLIST that wants to truly INCREASE your both
your CONFIDENCE & SALES...then Let's Go!