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Ann Marie Walts

An entrepreneur, consultant/coach, photographer, makeover artist & unshakable optimist dedicated to help you in achieving what you want in your life with dedication.

Helping You Create
a Life You Love!​

If you are a Stylist or Spa Owner, then I can truly help you 10X your potential income, and help you design a professional and personal life that you will love!

My proven methods have helped other salon professionals, just like you earn thousands of dollars per client, and in under 90 days with my coaching programs.


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My Experience

Over the course of the last 30 years, I have accumulated many, many certifications in the Beauty Industry. 

I worked for Redken/Loreal USA as an Educator and taught all over the U.S.A.   I was responsible for setting up learner-based workshops for salons and salon franchises of all sizes. 

As an Artistic Team Member, I has to opportunities to work “behind the scenes” at the Hair shows, and eventually worked my way up to being able to work on stage. 

I did not get to experience those type of situations buy just showing up…It took an immense amount of work, dedication and mentorship.  



Behind The Chair...after leaving education.

Status, Ego & Worth

Quick True Story!

It took me about 2 years, to mentally quick my education job because I was struggling emotionally to “let go” of the “status” of being an educator. 

FEAR IS A FUNNY THING!   It  will hold you back from making the best decisions. 

My #1 silly fear was that because I had to take the word “educator” off my card, from a company that gave me a “title”…would I not be seen as valuable to the public? 


What happened?... I made MORE MONEY with MORE FREEDOM.

I now have proven systems that can truly help you 10X your Marketing IQ, and ultimately help you to 10X your income.

What if you could have me FAST FORWARD  your ideas, goals , dreams with a personalized & systemtized BLUEPRINT?

Where do you see yourself 90 day, 180 days or even 1 year from now?

Special Approach To Every Client!

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