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AI Alert! Sit up and PAY ATTENTION!!


If you want to 10X your potential Salon or Spa income, here is a FREE TIP!

If your attitude about creating content is you feel like it’s a chore, then allow me to help you see the value in adjusting your mindset. Because you will be working so much harder to get customers by not listening….
If you have not yet acquired a fascination with AI (Artificial Intelligence) or feel that you don’t need social media, or feel frustrated simply because you don’t understand WHY it is so essential to CREATE CONTENT, then let this post possible SCARE YOU into PAYING ATTENTION.
Imagine you are running a marathon, your exceptional dream clients can only be found if you enter a special race.
The rewards that are found within this race are like a treasure hunt, because you will be take a path that you customize, and along the way you will get to experience things that you never thought possible.
But to be part of this race, you have to first start by not having a quitter’s and whiner’s mindset. You will fall sometimes, but you will be REWARDED a WISDOM trophy, each and every time you take a look inside yourself and ask this:
A. “Ok, I didn’t like the outcome of that…and what could I HAVE DONE DIFFERENTLY???” and then the crowd will roar because then next set of customers will get a BETTER VERSION OF YOU!
B. Or are you going to take the path using social media to find a place to “vent” BECAUSE you want to document how horribly you were treated?
The landscape and terrain of hairstyling today, is not what it was in 1992, when I started. You had to talk to people on the phone, and in person.
That was THE ONLY WAY OF COMMUNICATION. “Word of mouth” was the REWARD (Still is) for a job well done.
Then 2004….things changed! Do you know what happened that year? Some of you will and some of you won’t remember. That was the birth of Facebook & Social Media….AND as it feel like it was just yesterday, that this would eventually change the DEMANDS ON any business, and especially salon businesses for how we would attract new business.
If you want a history lesson and haven’t watched any of the Sci-fi movies from the 1980’s and 1990’s you may want to pop some popcorn, and watch.   I was a sci-fi buff, and most of the technology gadgets we are currently using.
If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed as an Independent Stylist because you KNOW you LOVE the industry, however feel a bit lost sometimes or overwhelmed because you’re struggling with FALLING IN LOVE with MAKING CONTENT…then here’s a HUGE ASS WHY you NEED TO:
Imagine running in that particular race that you signed up for…BECOMING SELF-EMPLOYED, and you don’t continually feed your DIGITIAL MARKETING then your BEST CUSTOMERS will not be able to EXPERIENCE your wonderful talent and personality.
(And your competition will get those clients…ouch)
Those that STRATECIALLY train and create content will be rewarded with the biggest rewards of all:
(AI on Google Favor those that participate)
What is the differences between the stylists that argue amongst themselves and those that have similiar skills but a different mindset & practices?
You will be able to RECESSION PROOF yourself, because you will learn how to COMMUNICATE BETTER, and you will learn how to use Social Media & The Internet like it’s your personal Super Power.
What’s the fastest way to do that?
Hire me as your mentor, and shave of at least 20+ years of trial and errors.
You entered the race…whether you thought you did or not.
Question is where do you want to finish, and where do you want to take your career behind your chair?
Your zip code does not have to define what you charge.