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Have you ever purchased something because the SALES PAGE was so compelling that you had to buy it?

In my opinion and experience, a product is ONLY AS good as what the technical support can actually provide you!


I am all about 100% Education!


Ann Marie Walts Internet Business Coach

Here’s My Story – Learning The Hard Way!

I’ve been building websites, on different platforms for about 15+ years, and mostly on WordPress.

Over the years, I learned how to build, host and manage my own sites since around 2007.
That took countless hours, but all of that learning morphed into another passion of mine.

With that said, website builders have greatly improved with newer tools because of the need to make things easier for people.
Not everyone needs or wants to wind up being their own IT department.

I have experienced some very hard lessons, over the years, and one instance was just about devasting.

I was HACKED SO BADLY, about 8 years ago…that I LOST 14 WEBSITES AND 7 YEARS OF WORK.


The most DEVASTING PART was watching all of my SEO work slip away.   

My websites were no longer on page #1 of Google, and it took me 9 more months to re-establish my SEO Rankings. 

What is SEO? 

The definition is Search Engine Optimization, and in layman’s terms…it’s knowing how to STRATEGICALLY get your business website ranked on the #1 page of Google and Bing.



Ann Marie Walts Internet Business Coach

Picture yourself without good support…what would you do?   

And you lost 7 years…..yes, 7 years of work? !@#%!


YOUR Rankings!

Now, let me help you not have

that become 




Now, you may be wondering what happened next? 

I read many books and topics about:

  • How to avoid getting hacked?
  • Where can I find reliable hosting?
  • Where can I get a Firewall for my website?
  • How do you get a website cleaned after getting hacked?
  • Learned the differences between CHEAP HOSTING, and Managed Hosting, and asked better questions.

IF THIS HAPPENED TO YOU, then how OVER-PROTECTIVE would you become about your business website?

Would you feel a bit on edge?

What I started to do a few years ago was this:

I stopped calling the “SALES” departments of any hosting companies.

Of course, they will say they are the best.

TIP:  Intentionally reach out to the TECHINCAL Team and see how RESPONSIVE they are.

Tip:  Comb through Social Media, and look for any of the support channels.  This is a great resource to see if there are “common” problems.


What you finally have been waiting for….hahhahaha!

I was referred to New Zenler, by someone that I respect immensely, and so I thought I would simply try it, but I started with a FREE account.

As I have shared with you my saga/drama of hard-learned lessons, and then repairing my rankings, you can only imagine, how EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS I am.    

 I can share with you firsthand that both my experiences with BOTH the SALES & TECHNICAL SUPPORT have been reassuring. 

Can you TRUST if something breaks, 
will New Zenler fix it?  ABSOLUTELY


What was broken, and what caused my site to break? 
It turns out….in all fairness to New Zenler, IT WAS MOSTLY & Sort of MY FAULT.
I use a popular password vault extension, and I accidentally turned on a Cloudflare setting that should not have been turned on.

Sometimes, being human can causes unnecessary technical problems, when an innocent mistake is made.

I use Chrome for typically my “go-to” browser, and I do favor quite a few Chrome extensions.   

                           EXTENSION BROKE MY SITE
  • The first thing that happened was the password vault type extension caused their icon to become embedded into my site’s forms, multiple times.  
  • Then my forms STOPPED WORKING
  • Then my menu STOPPED WORKING
  • THEN I STARTED TO………………………….PANIC, because I had now moved from a FREE ACCOUNT to a PRO (PAID) ACCOUNT.  


Ugh….Now my old distrusting issues are starting to sound like some alarms!!!!!! 
and it was starting to sound like this…..hahhahahaa!

“Oh, great, I seem to like all that’s on their SALES PAGE, and that it’s an ALL-IN-ONE…BUT NOW I can’t just FIX IT MYSELF”


“Ugh…there’s a time difference between where they are based from here in the U.S”


New Zenler uses Zen Support Ticketing Desk

Zenler Support Deck
Zenler Support Deck
Not only did New Zenler FIX what was broken, but they were:


  • Gracious with their communication exchanges
  • Warm & Welcoming
  • Provided Updates
  • Provided Screenshots
  • Provided Tutorials


New Zenler handled things extremely professionally because as a brand-new customer, I’m still moving into their platform, and even though I have all of the experience that I do….I don’t know New Zenler as well as WordPress.

But if I had to share a word or two with you about New Zenler..then it would be I’m very impressed, HIGHLY RECOMMEND them, and am actually drooling over the features.

” I feel that this is truly built for any and all professionals that want to FOCUS on creating CONTENT and KEEPING THEIR own ZEN, instead of having to work on being skilled at IT. ~ Ann Marie Walts”

THANK YOU TO THE STAFF AT NEW ZENLER!!…for restoring not only my site, but my “ZEN”.

If you would like me to personally show you a virtual tour, then please shoot me a quick message here.
*My honest recommendation is truly based on the TECHNICAL support that was efficiently rendered versus all of the amazing features.
(In the event that you do create a PRO account, my business may receive a small compensation)

I only recommend solutions that I use, and you have the screenshots to prove it.